Our Story has chapters; chapters that we hope you can relate to, and it's one we would like to share below.....

We feel privileged to be able to share our taggie journey with you

Chapter 1

My children have always loved tags; and on those restless nights, lazy days, or sleepy evenings all they want to do is hold, twist, and gain comfort from them.

Chapter 2

Time after time, all those frantic searches in the dark and lost blanket panics in the middle of the night told me there must be a better way.

Chapter 3

So it occured to me. Why not wear them? Why not put them close at hand? taggie can provide all of that; right by them, alongside them.

Chapter 4

Therefore, what started with the desire to provide my children with a taggie by their side, now becomes our desire to bring the very same to yours.

Chapter 5

With Love.

What ever your childs reassurance and comforting needs, we hope they gain the same pleasure as our children have so far.