No more lost blankie panics & searches in the dark!
taggie is right by your childs side, providing taggie reassurance.
Prices held to £10 per pair during Covid19 to help
The ONLY taggie reassurance clothing, helping reduce anxieties.
Made with love for all your boys and girls.
Especially those who love to play with taggie tags!
taggie: Made to be your childs favourite PJs
Rainbows, Unicorns, & Narwhales to Robots, Dinosaurs, & Sharks
Our story
Whomever our taggie clothing is for, we hope they enjoy them as much as our children do.
Your Childrens Wellbeing
Practical & well considered PJs that your children spend almost half their lives in.
Our New Developments
Be part of our future; help us and Up-Vote your favourite concepts